So, this will be my fourth attempt at this thing called blogging.  It’s not that I don’t like it.  It’s not even that I don’t have time for it.  It’s just that the services I’ve used in the past didn’t measure up to my expectations.

The first attempt was quite short-lived, and I can’t even remember what the service was called.  I do remember that my laptop died shortly after I began that blog, and that the service would shut your page down if you didn’t blog at least once in 30 days.  Since it took me about 2 months to save up enough money to get a new computer, well, that plan was shot all to hell.

 Then I moved on to LiveJournal.  It’s a good little tool, and I really like the community.  But I was new to blogging, and naive, and so I put some things out there, publicly, that I didn’t necessarily want everyone to see.  I had my “friends page” and I knew who my friends were, and I was fine with them knowing my info.  I really didn’t believe that others would find my little piece of virtual space, and therefore I didn’t need to make my entries “friends-only.”  After several months, though, I got some really random anonymous comments on my entries.  And they became more random, and more knowing.  Really, that’s the only way I can describe them.  I realized that this was someone who knew me, and someone who didn’t have the best of intentions, and, since information is power, I decided to strip them of any power they had over me.  I made all my entries “friends-only” but most of my “LJ friends” have stopped using it (they’ve all graduated from college, mostly), and it’s gotten a little boring.

So I moved to Multiply a few months ago.  I like it alot, especially since you have a built-in network of friends and friends’ friends.  But if you’re not a member, you can’t comment, and let’s be honest, I love the comments. 

So here’s how it goes.  I want a community.  I also want to maintain some sort of anonymity.  I won’t be using my real name here, and I won’t be writing about anything really private, but I hope to build up a little bit of a readership, and a nice little community before long. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll probably start migrating some of my “best of” entries from LiveJournal and Multiply, and interspersing them with new things.  Here’s to new beginnings, and to this happy home, courtesy of WordPress!  🙂