At least, I think that is what my enjoyment of this cartoon would say about me to the Neocons of the world… 

bomb comic

I am a minor Conspiracy Theory* enthusiast. (I’m pretty sure we actually landed on the moon, though I’ll admit a certain friend of mine has offered some information that has weakend my resolve in the past few years.  ie, a few years ago, I would have said “Of course we landed on the moon.  DUH!!)  But I really do believe that the big, bad terrorists take a great deal of pleasure in the idiocy they inspire in the TSA.

To give proper credit, this comes from here, which I got via BoingBoing.

*By the way, I cannot say or write these words without thinking of Mel Gibson trying to bite off Patrick Stewart’s nose.  But that is one fabulous movie, is it not?  Of course, this is back when we all thought Mel Gibson was acting crazy instead of actually being crazy.