So, my friend and I have been volunteering for the Recall Nifong–Vote Cheek campaign. Pretty much all we’ve been able to do so far is put up campaign signs around the community. (I say “all” but really, we’ve spent several hours doing it!) Anyway, we routinely drive by all our signs and call each other to say “The ones at Lakewood still look good.” or “The ones by Duke Street are missing.” Yesterday, on my way home from work, I noticed that someone from Nifong’s campaign had put up one of their campaign signs directly in front of one of ours. It was literally 1.5 feet in front of ours. It was so ridiculous and petty. I couldn’t even believe they had done it. When we went out to fix it (we moved our sign), I just had to take pictures and post them here.

Because this is just so indicative of the man himself–petty, ridiculous, and desperate.

 Nifong Sign 1

Nifong Sign 2

Nifong Sign 3