Edit:  This post originally named the organization which I now call “that floating classroom which shall remain nameless”, but it kept getting caught in google when people were searching for the real thing.  Since I actually really do want to work with fcwsrn, as it will now be affectionately known, I figured I’d better head that off at the pass.  🙂

So, I’ve always kind of wanted to do that floating classroom which shall remain nameless as a staff member. I’ve been talking about it for years, but this fall, I finally decided to apply. Of course, I decided this in late August or maybe early September, and I haven’t really done anything since then… The biggest stumbling block so far has been writing the cover letter. So, I figured I would write what I really want to say here, and then maybe I’ll be able to write a serious one soon…

Here goes nothin’…

Dear floating classroom which shall remain nameless Peeps,

I think fcwsrn is, like, the coolest thing ever. I’ve wanted to be involved with the program ever since the Road Rules kids went on fcwsrn. That was a long time ago, so as you can see, if I can remember that, I must be pretty mature.

Sure, I’ve never ever travelled abroad. I’ve never even crossed the border into Mexico or Canada. But I’ve wanted to for a very long time. And yeah, it would be awesome to get paid to travel around the world. But that’s not (entirely) why I’m applying. You see, one of my biggest regrets about my undergrad experience is that I never participated in a study abroad program. I was just too entrenched in student organizations and Duke basketball to leave during the academic year, and too poor to not work during the summer. But whenever I work with undergrads, I tell them that they should take advantage of any programs abroad at their institutions.

And, ok, I don’t speak any foreign languages. The truth is, I grew up in a really tiny town full of people with really tiny minds. The prevailing attitude was, “Why learn another language? Everyone should learn to speak English!” I’ll admit, it’s a lot like W’s attitude today, but I swear, I’ve changed! Unfortunately, I think I’m past the point of being able to become really fluent in another language. It seems that my brain is no longer young and open to new vocabulary. And try as I might, years and years of postsecondary education has sapped my ability to sit in a classroom and focus on any subject.

Then there’s the part about how I’m totally bored in my current job, and fcwsrn just seems like a good escape. It’s partly true, but by the time you hire me, I’d be moving on, anyway.

So, please, fcwsrn, ignore all these things. Pay attention to the fact that I really love living and working with college students. They’re infuriating, but fascinating at the same time. Notice how I prize lifelong learning by reading totally random articles in the New York Times every day, and how I constantly seek to improve myself and learn something new. See the fact that I’m a hard worker, energetic, and committed to making the students’ experience unforgettable. Please hire me for a fcwsrn voyage, and please do it soon.

Hopefully your(newest crew member)s,


PS. Just one more thing I hope you’ll ignore… I’ve never been on a cruise ship, so I have NO IDEA if I’ll get seasick. But I’ll defintely come prepared with patches! 🙂