There are some days when I just really, really love my office.  Like when we all get together and cook a huge potluck lunch during the week before Turkey Day.  Or when the Chief Operating Officer walks from cube to cube updating us all about the scores of basketball games during March Madness.  Or like today, when one email causes the whole organization to degenerate into chaos.  Here’s the scenario…

First thing this morning (well, ok, it was 8:36am, according to the email), one of my coworkers sent out this email:

Subject:  Hugh hugh cockroach–Downstairs Ladies’ Bathroom


If you want to see how beautiful you look then please use the mirror over the sink.  A hugh cockroach is hanging out over the other mirror.


Are you brave enough to kill this monster?  I will guard the bathroom for you.


Coworker A

Which she quickly followed up with:

I meant huge, not hugh!

(In case you were wondering, a nice gentleman in our office did slay the dragon so we ladies could preen in safety.)

It seemed as if all the fun was over for the morning.  About 20 minutes later, another coworker (we’ll call her Coworker B) sent out the following email:

Lost your keys?  There is a set of keys on the sink in the bathroom off the kitchen.

It seemed innocent enough, but it was actually the beginning of the end.

Quick-witted Coworker C responded:

They are probably Hugh’s.

At which point I promptly lost my sh*t (figuratively–didn’t want to give the wrong impression considering all the bathroom talk) and ended up in my neighbor’s cube, doubled over with laughter.

Moments later, our COO responded:

I believe they are the keys to Hugh Cockroach’s VW Bug!

Told you he was awesome.

This prompted Coworker D, who actually drives a VW Bug, to respond:

HEY!  I resent that!

At this point, the emails are arriving about 30 minutes apart.  It’s devolved into everyone trying to get in on the act, which makes it infinitely less funny.  But it was awesome while it lasted.  🙂