Remember October?  Remember this?  Oh, I was so hopeful, so full of promise and energy.  I was going to write 50,000 words and make a zillion holiday crafts and finish my Christmas shopping all early and organize my house and start keeping up with this here blog and garden and conquer the world and become a celebutante and and and.  Well, today’s December 19, and tomorrow I go on vacation for the holidays.  So what happened in the intervening days?

Well, for starters, I didn’t get anywhere close to 50,000 words.  I just barely cleared 10,000.  I know it’s a start, but I didn’t finish.  And you don’t “win” NaNoWriMo unless you hit the big 50K.  Some of my writerly friends are fond of cooing at me, “Oh, but you tried!  And that’s what’s important!”  Ok, friends.  This is not the Special Olympics*.  The goal was not to try, it was to do (or do not–which I did).  There’s nothing wrong with saying that I failed to meet my goal.  It doesn’t mean that you’re calling me a failure.  The important part is figuring out why I didn’t finish, and what that means for my participation (or non-participation) next year.  There are a million tiny, annoying reasons (like the ginormous scary virus that hit my office network on Halloween, and for the next two weeks made me so weary of dealing with technology that I couldn’t bear to pick up my laptop at home?) (or how about that car accident I was in on November 8?) (I could keep going.) (but that would be lame.), but really, it all boils down to the fact that I did not make NaNoWriMo a priority.  And I will probably never be able to.  See, I love the holidays, and I love making holiday crafts and baking and cleaning my house so that it’s ready for Santa (because Santa does not bring presents to little girls who have messy apartments).  And I like to start early, which I did, and therefore, I neglected NaNoWriMo.  I did not acheive the goal that I set for myself.  It’s ok.  I failed, but it does not define me.  Of course, the result is that I am now in the midst of not one, but two novels.  I like both of them, and I think that means I have to finish both of them.  Sigh.

Ok, and then there’s the blogging I was supposed to do.  Also (sort of) a victim of the holiday rush.  I actually have about a half-dozen, half-written posts.  One is on this whole big mess and I keep getting bogged down in it.  I truly intend to finish it and post it before New Year’s, because I can’t stand the thought that it will continue to hang over my head as we begin 2007.  I also have others, like the one about how my friend M is forcing** me to go on with her.  That will probably wait until the new year.  Oh, and then there are the resolutions, which include BLOG MORE!*** and READ 50 BOOKS!****  So yes, I am sticking around here.  And I promise I’ll work harder to keep up.  Maybe even make writing a daily thing, like I’m supposed to.

What else happened?  I participated in a kick-ass ornament swap, and I keep meaning to post pictures of all the awesome ornaments I got (and the ones I made).  I helped my mom make Christmas stockings for me and my kittenface.  My house is pretty freaking clean, and I even had a holiday party (we played Cranium…  OMG, I am a huge dorkus).  So really, fall was not a total loss.  I am really looking forward to the winter.  I’ve got big plans, y’all.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.  And Happy Chanukah to all, too!

*Please don’t get offended.  I didn’t mean this in a disparaging way, though reading back over the post, I can see how someone might take that.  The goal of SO is to get people to try to do things they think they can’t.  Therefore, just participating is admirable.  That’s not the case with NaNoWriMo, is all I’m trying to say.

**She made me set a date (January 7) and keeps telling all our other friends about it.  And she also keeps saying, “OMG, I can’t believe the lame messages I get from guys.  I can’t wait until you’re on it.”  She sells it so well, no?  She’s also quite adept at manipulating me into doing things, like playing on the fear that everyone will think I’m a chicken if I don’t follow through…

***Well, we saw how well that turned out last time.

****Funny story:  I told my dad that I was shooting for reading 50 books in 2007.  I though this was pretty awesome, as it’s slightly less than 1 per week.  (I was going to go with 52, but thought it might discourage me from reading really good non-fiction because I can’t speed through those as well.)  His response?  “Oh, that’s great sweetie.  I’m about to hit 70 this year, and it will be the fourth time I’ve done that since I started keeping track in 1990.”  Gee, thanks, Daddy!  Way to make me feel like sh*t!