So, I got excited about the whole 50 books in 2007 thing, and actually started a little early. (This one won’t count in my 2007 total, though!) So, here’s my first book journal entry!

Title: The Lovely Bones
Author: Alice Sebold
# of pages: 288
Date Started: 12/23/06
Date Finished: 12/25/06
Thoughts: I totally loved this book, but I cried constantly while reading it. I wouldn’t recommend that others read this around the holidays (since I tend to cry a lot more around the holidays, and a lot of others I know do, too). The one thing I do have to say is that I think Sebold went too far with the ending. I bought into most of the leaps of faith she asked the reader to take, but not the end. Overall, though, the story was sweet and touching, and she did a good job of making all the emotions seem real.

(I’m trying not to give away any major plot points in my “Thoughts” section…)