In order to help me achieve #1a*, I have ordered one of the new (2nd generation) iPod shuffles. And because I totally heart technology**, I am very impatient about receiving my new toy. So I’ve been obsessively checking the USPS package tracker on Amazon. (Good thing I didn’t list “stop obsessing over little things” as one of my resolutions.)

Apparently, my order left Greensboro, NC on December 31, and the estimated arrival is January 10. Ok, people. I live in Durham, NC. So you’re telling me that it takes 10 days to transport .55 oz of pure joy 55 miles? Seriously? I finished a marathon in 7:28. I could walk to Greensboro and back before January 10.

Though calling it “.55 oz of pure joy” made me start thinking of what to name it when it finally gets here. I think I’m going to have to rename my other iPod, too. It’s one of the original click-wheel only varieties, so it’s a big ‘un. I’m thinking of Big Mama or maybe even Large Marge (to pay homage to OMGthebesteffingmovieever). Ok, I just decided. Large Marge it is. But for the new baby? I was originally thinking “Mini-Me” but that seemed too obvious. Then I thought, what about “Little Piece of Techno Perfection”? It’s been a long time since I named something like that.***

Well, we’ll see. Apparently, I’ve got 6 more days to ponder. Ooh, it’s after five. I think I’ll go hit “refresh.”


*And with the help of a handful of Amazon gift certificates from the relatives–thanks Aunt S and the Northern Ls!

**I love technology, but not as much as you, you see, but I still love technology…

***The others being “My Little Piece of Polish Perfection“**** and “My Little Piece of Freckled Perfection.” Yeah, I’ve got issues. I know.

****Incidentally, I got caught staring at My Little Piece of Polish Perfection’s ass while in Cameron back in November. I’m not even a little bit embarrassed about that. Again, issues. I know.