Sometimes I get a little down on my alma mater.  I had a hard time adjusting there, and I tend to paint my entire four years that way, forgetting that’s not entirely true.  Today, I wrote a letter (an actual snail mail letter, can you believe it? who does that anymore–I know right?) to a friend of mine from college.  She’s having a rough time, and I’m trying to convince her to move here to be near me.  Here’s what I wrote:

Especially this time of year, I think about all of the time we spent together your senior year.  I realized that all the best parts of my college experience have you in them.  If I could freeze one night of my life and live it over and over again Groundhog Day-style, it would be one of those times…  A chilly night when we spent hours in the Bryan Center café, watching the café boys and getting our drinks with skim not WHOLE milk.  And then went back to your room and pretended to do our awful French homework until the wee hours, while simultaneously trying to annoy/flirt with T and C.  And, with G’s help, changed A’s white board to say embarrassing things like “ChlAMYdia” and “I want to go visit “KissAMYee St. Cloud, Florida” while she was out on dates.  And put on dinner-theatre shows for J singing “PEEE-EEET” instead of “Dulcinea”.  Leave it to Southern girls to put four syllables in Pete.  

It really was good times.  I posted that here so I can remember.  I’m writing a post on my reaction to the Duke Lacrosse stuff, and I think it will help to remember this.  I hope to have that post up by the end of the week.  We’ll see.  It’s been a hard thing to write.  I may break it up into pieces, and see if that makes it easier.