Title: The Areas of My Expertise
Author: John Hodgman
# of pages: 256
Date Started: 1/6/07
Date Finished: 1/15/07
Thoughts: This book is completely hilarious. However, I could only read it in small spurts, so it took me a while to finish it. (It reminded me a lot of when my little brother was in elementary school, and he always took things one step too far. It was funny the first 100 times. 101, not so much.) So, the hobo names were a little out of hand. The 50 States were intermittently funny. But the attack ads/how to win a fight were freaking hysterical (“Go ahead and use henchmen”). And I keep randomly yelling out “WERE YOU EVEN AWARE OF IT?!?” Which scares my co-workers. Oh well.