Or it almost was, anyway. This happened just around the corner from my office. Which means I spent most of the 3-4pm hour looking out the window at the helicopters, then looking back at my computer screen to watch the live feed from the helicopters. Awesome. SOO productive.

Also, it always makes me laugh that, when the bomb squad shows up, they have to blow the “suspicious package” up to make sure it’s not a bomb. I don’t understand this.

The second best part of the whole ordeal was, after my co-workers had given up watching the video feed on their desktops, I was giving commentary. As they put the package on the truck and drove away, I said, “Well, it looks like it’s over now. They’re turning onto Main Street, away from our office… Oh My Gosh, the truck just blew up!” and my co-worker M actually believed me! I didn’t even try to sell it that hard–mostly because I was afraid someone would actually believe me. She was like, “I just felt my heart clench up a little when you did that…”

The best part, though, is that I get to make this joke…
Police still have not told the press what was in the “suspicious package”, but a source close to the investigation says it was a d*ck in a box.”