…is not Christmas. It’s March Madness, for which we are really starting to gear up. I can hardly wait!!!

More inspirational goodness in preparation for tonight’s showdown can be found in this article!

With this being the “money” quote:

With Latta, virtually everyone who watches women’s hoops has an opinion of whether she’s passionate/exciting/irrepressible or annoying/really annoying/incredibly annoying.

(Uh, hello, incredibly annoying!!)

And over on DBR, the MulletMan is running this (non-monetary) pool:

I find her shtick extremely tired. How many times can a person get knocked out of a game only to make a miraculous recovery?

I shall set the line… pick a before or after for each…

1. Knocked to the floor in a heap without cause when she gets picked – 11:00 mark 1st half

2. Removed from the game with the help of at least 1, if not 2 teammates – 13:00 mark of the second half

3. Returns to game gimpy during non-play, but amazingly agile and fleet-footed during play – 11:20 mark second half

Have at it.

And finally, a comment I made last night that I think is totally worth sharing here (if I do say so myself!):

(Upon seeing that Tyler Hansbrough returned to the game after the half with a band-aid on his forehead, even though his injury had occurred long before the break…)
“Aww… Did Tywer need a band-aid for his booboo? Well, if that had been Ivory Latta, we’d still be in time-out, watching her writhe on the floor in pain.”