Title: The Solace of Leaving Early
Author: Haven Kimmel
# of pages: 336

Comments: Full disclosure–I don’t like Haven Kimmel much. She lives around here, and I have friends who have had run-ins with her. She seems like a crappy human being in general, actually. But my dad gave me this book for my birthday, and so I decided to read it. The story was very engaging–a murder revealed in tiny pieces, mostly because of the haughty nature of one of the characters, who refuses to believe that anything interesting could happen in that small town, or outside of her own brain. In fact, that character, Langston, is incredibly annoying for most of the book. She’s so self-righteous and self-satisfied, all in her own head. But the rest of the characters are wonderful, and the story is intense. However, as I was starting the last chapter, I thought, “There are not enough pages left to tie up all the loose ends.” Well, they all get tied up, but not in any way that makes sense. It’s as if Kimmel got tired of these characters and was just ready to be done–but since most of the characters were so lovely and loveable, it made the ending much less satisfying than the rest of the book.