Ok, so I keep finding all these cool crafty projects on the internets, and I keep forgetting them. So from now on, I am keeping a running list of things I want to do, and when I complete them, I will take pictures and post!

1. Make Biscornus. Maybe for Christmas Ornaments.
2. Covered Barrettes. And no, I don’t think I’m too old to wear these. Neener neener neener.
3. A cute wristlet. Yeah, I’m so obsessed with this, I’ll be surprised if I don’t make one this weekend.
4. Bottle cap Pincushions. So cute!
5. Soy Wallet. Except I want to make one out of the Limeade carton that’s currently in my fridge.
6. Make my own shrinky dinks. I want to make luggage tags and jewelry with Loteria cards on them.
7. Rootbeer float cuppycakes! These make me feel a little sick just looking at them, but I know they would be delicious enough to balance out the suffering!
8. Fun Luggage Tags. I love Crafty Chica, and this is such a great technique. Maybe if you’re real sweet, this will be in your Christmas package, friends.
9. Bubble Mailers from scratch. Good for swapping!
10. Quilted Wallet. Might make good holiday presents!!
11. Poppy Corsage. So cute, right?
12.  OMG the cutest hat ever.  Which will look awesome with the scarf I’m currently working on.
13.  CHERRIES!  I love cherries.  Might not make earrings, but I’ll come up with something fun…

God bless Craft the Magazine for having such a freaking awesome blog, by the way…