When I was in college, we were always keeping a Quote Board.  A new board for each semester, or event or trip.  Summer always yielded the best (read:  most ridiculous) quotes.  That tradition is about to continue here, with this running list.

Work Quotes

Co-worker K:  It’s not like my arms are freakishly short or anything!
Me:  Yeah, you’re no Tyrannosaurus Rex!
—On how we can never reach anything (ATMs, card swipes at the parking garage, etc) from our car windows.

“That Finding Nemo will get you every time!”  –my boss P on a report that some kids “got carried away” while watching a DVD at our program.  (All our movies must be PG-13 or less.)

“I didn’t know it was going to get dark tonight!” –me (In my defense, I was talking about the dark clouds from the impending storm, but of course it sounded totally stupid the minute it came out of my mouth.)

Family Quotes

“Straight Jujitsu Baby.”–My brother, after being caught admiring his guns in the bathroom mirror.

“The Pentacostal Church is down the street if you wanna go handle snakes.  I ain’t got time for this.”–My brother on the liturgical stylings of our new Pastor’s wife at our parents’ church.