Title: Devil in a Blue Dress
Author: Walter Mosely
# of pages: ?

Comments: I’ve never been much of a fan of mysteries, but I recently read a review of Mosely’s latest novel in the Easy Rawlings series, praising the author for sharp writing, compelling storytelling, and a realistic portrayal of LA’s Watts neighborhood that makes it seem like another character in the book. Well, I was intrigued. And my dad collects Mosely, so the last time I was home, I swiped his (first edition, signed, of course) copy of Devil in a Blue Dress, the first in the Easy Rawlings series. It was fantastic. The voices of Mosley’s characters are distinctive, but they are not characatures. The story’s a little far-fetched, but the details are teased out in such an exquisite manner that I actually cared about whether Rawlings solved his mystery.