Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Author: J.K. Rowling

Comments: Ok, so I am way behind on posting this one, considering that I finished this book about two days after it came out in July. Still, I know people who haven’t read it yet, and I won’t be posting anything close to a spoiler.

Like the other books in this series, I found it totally captivating and an excellent story. I also believe it was the absolutely perfect ending to the overall story arc. I will say, that before I started reading HP7, I said to anyone who would listen, “I’d be totally ok with it if Harry dies–it would make sense. As long as he is reunited with his parents and Dumbledore.” Ok, but 100 pages before the end of the book, I was bawling hysterically and going, “Please, please, don’t kill off Harry!”

I know a lot of people felt that the Epilogue was cheesy and unnecessary, but I felt it was really good for the younger readers. (Though if it is setting up for “Hogwarts: The Next Generation”, I will be pissed about that.) I felt there was one death I thought was a little too much, and then there was continual hinting that another beloved character was about to die throughout the whole thing. That was exhausting. But it was nice to find out that I was right about Snape from the very beginning–what a relief!

And finally, I know there’s been a lot in the news over the past few weeks about Dumbledore being gay. And I just want to say I knew it! I knew it all along! (Or at least after some of that stuff about Grindlewald in HP7.)