Title: Fortunate Son
Author: Walter Mosley

Comments: Mosley is probably best known for his “Easy Rawlings” series of mysteries, but this book is a stand-alone novel that is very different from his other works. Like the Rawlings mysteries, Mosley’s best characters are the ones on the fringes of society. His juxtaposition of the abused, homeless child named lucky, and the supposed golden child who is depressed by things coming too easily to him, is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. It was a fantastic read, and I found myself crying throughout the story as the children (and later young men) at the heart of this story faced loss, disappointment, and separation from each other with incredibly adult reactions.

(Sorry so short today folks… Just got offered free tickets to a Duke Basketball game, so I had to pull out a quickie, rather than the longer post I’d planned!)