Title: She’s Gone
Author: Kwame Dawes

Comments: This is the story of a young, Black woman from the South who leaves a life in Academia to follow her reggae-star lover back to Jamaica. When she gets there, things are far from the vacation or paradise that she thought. The author does a great job of portraying life in the Low Country of South Carolina–both the good and the bad. I think he has done the same with life in Jamaica (though that part, I don’t know from personal experience as I do the parts about South Carolina); at the very least, he doesn’t shy away from portraying the poverty amidst a tourist destination. There are lots of hints about both Kofi’s (the male main character) and Keisha’s (the female mc) pasts, but so much of it seems cloudy or irrelevant. Overall, I thought it was a great story, but I absolutely hated the ending. It did not make sense in the grand scheme of the rest of the story, and it seemed to run counter to the characters’ development throughout the rest of the story. In other words, it was great until the very end!