So close! I was SOOO CLOSE! Ok, so I had missed a few days earlier, but always because of Time Warner Cable, who hates me.

But over the weekend, I totally missed two days of posting. The first was because I lost track of days… All week, I could never remember what day it was. So on Friday, I thought I had already posted before my family went to a movie that night… And if I hadn’t already thought that, there’s no way I would have remembered after…

We went to see No Country for Old Men. My mind was completely boggled. I can appreciate it as a film. If Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t win an Oscar for it, something’s very wrong. But MAN I was not expecting that. My mind is still boggled.

When I got home, no internets, and I had a heck of a time making it work long enough to get this post up. You know, because TWC hates me.

Ah, but I will get back on track. Starting tomorrow, when I do Melissa’s 7 Random Things Meme… (I had planned on doing it tonight, but I’m too exhausted after mopping and vaccuuming the whole apartment.)