Sorry, I love alliteration. 🙂 So over the weekend, I was tagged by Melissa to do this meme… I’m supposed to write seven random things about myself… And I’m going to try to write seven that you may not already know about me. So let’s see…

1. I feel guilty about things that have nothing (or very little) to do with me. Like yesterday, when Duke fired its football coach, I cried like a baby while watching interviews with some of the team’s seniors. I feel bad because they deserved better–they deserved to be able to say that their best memory from their 4 (or 5) years on the team was that they learned how to be men or that one time they beat a team. And at the same time, I feel really bad for the coach because he is a really nice guy, and I hate to see him go. But I also really want to watch a winning football team. And I feel guilty about all those things.

2. I cry at EVERYTHING. It’s ridiculous sometimes. I teared up while watching figure skating the other day. Actually, I cry during sports more than anything else, but earlier today I got a little teary while watching Martha stuff a turkey with Russell Crowe. Like I said, ridiculous!

3. I don’t want kids. I decided this about 5 years ago, and the decision seems to have stuck. I actually love kids–other people’s kids. I like to give them back when they get too fussy or need a diaper change. Plus, when my aunt had her last baby, my uncle showed me the video, and that shit looked like it REALLY hurt!

4. I never say never. Or at least I try not to, because if I say never, then I always end up doing it. When I was in college, I said I’d never move to Texas. I went to grad school at UT-Austin. In grad school, I said I’d never live in California. Right after, I took a job at UC-Santa Barbara. I don’t regret these experiences at all–but I’ve learned to stop saying NEVER!

5. I used to have a pierced eyebrow. I actually really liked it for about a month, and I liked the fact that it seemed really out of character/out of context with the rest of me. But as my 28th birthday got closer and closer, I became convinced that the extra weight of the ring was making my eyebrow droopy and it was making me look old. So I had it taken out.

6. This weekend, I helped my mom make Balsamic Truffles. They are really amazing, especially if you like dark chocolate. They have an odd bite, but they’re really delicious. If you want the recipe, you’ll have to go look it up on the Food Network site (it keeps crashing my browser). It’s one of Giadia de Laurentiis’ recipes.

7. I just put up my Christmas tree. In my family, it’s traditional to wait until the first Sunday in December. But since I’m leaving to go to California on the 12th, I figured I would put it up early. I left lots of spots on the front for all the ornaments I’ll be getting in the big SWAP!

Now I’m supposed to tag someone else… About the only person I know who hasn’t done this one recently is my darling dearest over at Immaculate Malaise. Go ahead, click that. Is that not the new hottness? (Ok, really, the too-skinny new hottness. But I heart him and would want to make babies with him if either of us were into that kind of thing.)