Every time I move, or am spending several nights in a new place, I dream more (or, at the very least, I tend to remember my dreams more).  Saturday night, during my move to Atlanta, I had the craziest dream! 
So, here’s the story…  One of my former RAs (we’ll call him WackyMac) was apparently a volunteer for the Bonaroo concert festival, and as a part of his volunteer duties, he was assigned to assist and escort Bruce Springsteen.  This, somehow, involved WackyMac driving Bruce around in his own personal car.  And for some reason, WackyMac had me and 3 other people in the car, too.  So, WackyMac was driving, I was in the middle, and Bruce was in the front passenger seat.  Then, there were 3 other people (I don’t remember who, but they were friends of ours, possibly one of them was another former RA, the Geologist) in the back seat.  We were driving on a really bumpy dirt or gravel road, and at the same time, WackyMac and I bust out singing, “oh oh oh oh Thunder Road, oh Thunder Road, oh Thunder Road” and then start laughing hysterically.  Bruce laughed, too, and apparently thought it was awesome that we started singing his song, because then he started trying to hold my hand and hit on me in a Joey-from-Friends, how-you-doin’ kind of way.  I was like “Heck yes, Bruce Springsteen!” because, come on, it was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, but the 3 people in the back seat were making snide comments the whole time.
Then we dropped Bruce off, said we would see him when the concert started, and then we went back to WackyMac’s house to get ready for the concert.  Then some girl–I knew her, I think, and it’s possible she was an RA from another building the same year WackyMac was an RA in my building–came over and for some reason she wasn’t allowed to know where we were going so I had to try to block her from seeing the concert tickets so she wouldn’t try to come hang out with us and Bruce Springsteen later…  And then I woke up. 
So weird, right?