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Last thing I remember was the 4th of July…

Seriously, this summer was like a time warp. It seemed to move incredibly slowly when you were in the midst of it, but looking back, it’s all a blur, and I don’t know what I did with my time. Well, I kinda do. First, work gave me a first-rate ass-kicking. Then, I’ve been neck deep in Swap-bot and crafty trials. Hopefully, there will be viable projects coming out of those trials in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, do you want to see what I’ve been doing? Ok, here you go. These are photos of the Chunky Poetry Book that I made for a swap on Swap-bot. I had a lot of fun with it, but it was really a ton of work. I also received my book from someone else already, and I hope to get those pictures taken and uploaded to Flickr in the next few days, because it’s really cool, too.

There are about 500 half-written posts floating around in my head and my laptop, as well as a bunch of book journals that I need to catch up on… My goal is to get all of those up here before I go on vacation, starting September 15. And then do a whole bunch of writing while I’m on vacation, too. We’ll see how that goes…


So, recently, I have gotten addicted to, which is basically a place where you can sign up with other people from across the interwebs, to swap cool things. So far, I’ve swapped ribbons and embellishments and papergoods and tons of ephemera-type stuff. It’s really cool, and I’ve gotten to communicate with some really cool people–some from right up the road near Charlotte, NC, and some from as far away as Austrailia.

Now, I’m participating in a digital swap, which includes a photo scavenger hunt. I thought I’d host it here!

1. My Pet. This is my favorite picture of Sake, my cat. He likes having his belly rubbed, and this picture just cracks me up.

2. Something in my favorite color. Blue is my favorite color, but I don’t have a lot of pictures of blue things. But here is a picture of the scoreboard from Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of the Duke Blue Devils. This is from when the women’s basketball team beat Carolina at home to cap the regular season and remain undefeated.

3. Clothing I regret buying. I actually don’t have any pictures of this. I rarely buy clothing I regret. And when I do, I usually return it, or sell/donate/give it away to friends. I don’t let it stick around too long.

4. Something that represents freedom to me. I love this picture, and I can’t think of anything more free than hiking alone in such beautiful country.

5. Me or someone I knew dressed up for Halloween. I have two hilarious pictures for this and I couldn’t decide which to use, and since I didn’t have a picture for #3, I figured I’d post them both. The first is of my friends MS and BJ, who hosted the party where this was taken, and made the perfect Mario and Luigi, SUPER MARIO BROTHERS!!! The other is of one of my former RAs, CQ, who is dressed up as a “One Night Stand”–my favorite costume ever.

6. An activity I enjoy doing. I love doing decoupage and other crafts. These are the Christmas ornaments I made this past year, using those skills.

7. Something circular. This is the “Magic Swings” ride at the old Pavilion Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach. I used to go to this park as a kid all the time, and I took this picture a few weeks before it closed, when my parents, brother, and I went back for one last hurrah.

8. Something that will make me laugh. I love this sign. It’s actually still up here in Durham, and I laugh and say “God Bless the South” every time I drive past it.

9. The weather today.

10. Me. This is my all-time favorite baby picture of me. I just love it, and I still have that bunny. His name is BunBun. And I don’t think I’ve changed all that much. You can definitely tell this is me when you see the picture.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, and to my Swap-bot buddies, welcome!